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Monday, 5 August 2013

Android netbooks are the way to go

Not many of us require very powerful, hi-tech computers on a daily basis. For most of us, a simple computer that allows us to perform basic activities is enough. In such a scenario, spending a lot of money on a really fancy gadget is a waste of money. If you will never use the more sophisticated features offered by the machine, why pay for it. The first step to buying a computer in an age where you are spoilt for choice, is to clearly define what your needs are and what you will be using the computer for. If you are going to be using the computer mainly for browsing the web, sending emails and keeping in touch with friends and family, then there is no point in buying an industrial computer. Something simple, low-key yet of great quality like an android netbook will suffice.

An android netbook is a small computer that can easily fit into your briefcase or handbag. It is very light and easy to carry which is why it is preferred by students and professionals alike. It is the best form of wireless connection available in the market yet. Some people argue that a smart phone is as good as a netbook. while this may be true, it is applicable only in the case of very expensive, hi-tech smart phones which most people today, cannot afford to buy. A netbook is a cheaper and better alternative. You can comfortably read books, watch movies and play games on an android netbook, which might be difficult to do with as much ease on a smart phone.

Consumers increasingly prefer to buy netbooks over laptops because they are much easier to carry around and are also cheaper. All the basic facilities that you use on a daily basis are available on the netbook, which is what makes it such a great buy.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Android computer- the various advantages

An android computer is the best invention in the market today. Tablets, notebooks and netbooks are slowly replacing the more bulk computers like desktops and large laptops because of their portability and ease of operation. Previously, computers that were large enough to fill up an entire room now fit into the palm of your hand. These computers are incredible and what makes them even more incredible is the software that they run on. 

An android computer can be used for a multitude of purposes. The biggest feature of any android tablet or notebook is Internet access. You will have unlimited access to the Internet and because of superior technology, there is nowhere where you will not be able to find a connection. With an android computer, you need never worry about losing your Internet connection again. 

Android makes streaming videos and watching movies much easier. Gone are the days when you had to wait for an hour to stream a 30 minute video and then watch it. Today, with android you can stream and watch videos simultaneously. Android has made life even simpler by enabling users to download apps of various video websites like youtube and netflix, for easy viewing and download options. 

Gaming is also much more fun on an android computer. Your computer will come fixed with game apps like temple run, angry birds and the like so you need never get bored while waiting in a line or riding on the subway. Video chatting, conference calls, taking photographs and editing videos are very easy on an android tablet. Listening to music is a great experience as is recording videos or music. With android, work is also much easier. You get free apps like Google docs or thinkfree office, which are substitutes to Microsoft office. However, you can also download Microsoft office for free later on.

Friday, 2 August 2013

7’’ computer- everything you need to know

Shopping for the perfect computer can be quite a task because there are so many options available. If you are looking for a computer that is small, compact and easy to carry around- a tablet is the best option. A tablet computer is light and small with a big enough screen to be able to use without straining your eyes. The most common dilemma faced by people while buying a tablet computer is which screen size to choose. Should they buy a 7’’ computer or a 10’’ computer?

The size of the computer screen is mostly a personal preference, but in order to make the process of choosing simpler, you can refer to the following tips.

If you are on a strict budget, then you should opt for the 7’’ computer since it is cheaper than a 10’’ one. Also, a smaller screen tablet is easier to carry around since it is lighter and smaller in comparison to one with a bigger screen. You can fir a 7’’ computer into your handbag whereas you might need to carry a separate bag for a 10’’ computer. 10’’ tablets are not suitable for very young children or older people since they might find it difficult to carry around for a long time. 

A 7 inch screen is ideal for reading books since it is closer to the actual page size of a book. Also, since the tablet is lighter than its larger counterparts, it is easier to hold onto for longer stretches of time. However, reading magazines and newspapers is easier on a larger screen. Browsing on tablets is equally good whether you have a large screen or a slightly smaller screen and ultimately the choice is upon your preference. Viewing photographs and movies is much better on a large screen as is gaming. So depending on what you prefer to read, you should choose your screen size.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Android netbook- great power in a small package!

Netbooks are the smaller, slimmer and less expensive versions of laptops and can be used for various computing needs like presentations, checking mails, surfing the net, processing documents and checking spread sheets. They are equally great for students and teachers in schools and colleges. In today’s times, no savvy businessman whether big or small is without a netbook computer and an android netbook is fast becoming a popular choice.
People who are constantly on the go find netbooks immensely useful as a means of linking back to office or home. Netbooks, by virtue of being lightweight and slim are easy to lug around than the conventional laptops. Most people enjoy using netbooks because of its several excellent features. Reasonable prices, extended battery life, light weight and very easy portability are only some of them. You can listen to music, watch videos, play games, browse the net, create office documents or make any changes to them and even read eBooks on these netbooks.
Although a netbook computer is small in size, it has more than enough power to do all these computing tasks efficiently. It has a good battery life and extra space can be created by opting for an external HDD or Hard Disk Drive. Netbooks have many operating systems like Windows XP and the latest is the android OS which has some distinct advantages. This mini computer has software which has been pre-installed to meet the basic requirements of the user. The android netbook has an efficient operating system which ensures good performance and it looks trendy and smart. It has atom processors in place of chipset because they are energy saving.
The screen size ranges from 7 inches to 11 inches and it also comes equipped with touch functions. The storage capacity is extendable and provides more than adequate storage for average use. It also has Bluetooth and WiFi, USB ports and Ethernet ports. A keypad enables you to get your work done faster. The document editors, MP3 or MP4 players, movie player, email, browser all come pre-installed.
The most attractive feature of netbooks is the price of these mini computers and this tilts the scales in its favour immensely. The price of netbooks is very affordable as even the high-end netbooks cost less than a low-end laptop. Add to this, the sleek design, petite size and power-packed performance and it’s no wonder that netbooks have become the favourites for the majority overriding even laptops in the popularity stakes.

Features of a netbook

Netbooks are lightweight and inexpensive computers. They are small and legacy free. They are not necessarily like laptops. They have taken away the market space of notebooks. A netbook weighs just about two and a half pounds or even below than that. They have lesser features when compared to a laptop. Netbooks are increasingly used for educational purposes. In the growing geek world, it is necessary that children are aware of the use of computers on a day to day basis. 

Netbooks are power friendly and very easy to use for internet purposes. 

Mini Netbooks size also varies. It may range between 9 inch, 10 inch and 12 inches. They generally contain 1 or 2 GB RAM. The internal storage generally ranges between 160 GB and 250 GB. Mini computers and  netbooks also offer Wi-Fi facilities. Netbooks offer great advantage of price, ease of use and easy portability for children. Netbooks though may not be a full-fledged computer but they can perform all activities required in educational purposes. A netbook has no internal disc drive. Many schools are providing netbooks for children at subsidized prices.
Netbook have operating systems like Windows and Linux. But the best netbook is the Netbook Android. A netbook androidis powered by android operating system. Android was basically created to be used in mobile phones. But they have become so popular that their usage is increasing to a number of other gadgets. Some of the netbook android ones are found with an older version; nevertheless they are still very useful in certain cases. When you compare an ordinary netbook and a netbook android there are surely certain advantages for a netbook android. As they have a better battery life when compared to Windows netbooks. They resume faster from a stand by position. 
Many brands have tried to put the netbooks in the low end market. This is because they do not fetch much profit for the companied who manufacture personal computers. But as the times have gone, many new manufacturers have brought netbooks to the market with smarter look and useful features as result of which their popularity has risen to new levels. Many foreign countries are providing free netbooks to students and teachers. Most of the netbooks have parental control, wireless networking and antivirus protection. The use of netbooks is not only limited in education but they are also preferred by business travelers. Many of the professionals use netbooks instead of laptops. Thus netbooks are still emerging.

How a mini computer can help you

Mini Netbook is the latest craze. If you are a researcher or a frequent traveler taking notes all the time you travel then a mini netbook will be your best friend for a long time. This is great for carrying to any place and is very comfortable to fit into your luggage. This even fits into your bag or glove box easily. It has a long battery life and is speed. You will enjoy choosing the color of your choice as they are available in many colors in the market. They will be very useful for you as they have a very good Wi-Fi connectivity. Though some people feel it is cramped, they are the best for easy packing and travel.

They have up to 2 GB RAM and Bluetooth.The netbooks also comes with latest processors of your choice. The battery life of netbooks range between 6 to 10 hours depends on the brand. Many big companies are offering mini netbooks in the market. They have their own niche in the market. People who can afford only less money to have a computer choose them which will fit into their budget very easily.

On the whole a  mini netbook and a mini computer are of best use if you are a student or a travel lover for taking notes wherever you are and at any point of time. Mini netbooks are all the more useful for video viewing. You love this tool for reading, writing and chatting purposes. Also if you are a graphic designer you can do your work very easily in this. This is one will help you to perform all basic computer activities. They come with generally one GB RAM and you can upgrade it up to two GB. Some varieties come with LED display and some with back light display.

Mini netbooks will help you to be in touch with world wherever you go. You can check your emails and connect to the internet at any part of the world. You can store movies, music and photos of your choice. This one will be helpful in your work and entertain you at the same time. These are very affordable to you when compared to any high end laptops. Some varieties also come with built in webcam and microphone. You will be able to do video chatting and use your instant messenger wherever you go. This will help you to stay in touch with your family and friends.

How To Buy Kids Computer

Use of gadgets is on the increase and your future generation is going to embrace it more than you. Especially computers are being taught to children from a tender age as this has become the need of the hour. Children nowadays are more aware of the use of the computer than adults at any given point of time. So you should make sure to have a kids computer at home which is kids user friendly. You should be very careful while choosing a kids computer, think about the right software and configuration which are kid-safe. In case you have a big budget you can get a separate kids computer. Generally children love laptop, but there is danger of the laptop being dropped and stepped on, so it is better to get a desktop for them. And there is also an advantage of cost as a desktop will cost you less than a laptop.

In a kids computer, the main drawback point is the mouse as the children find it difficult to use a mouse at any point of time, but in this case laptops are better. There are tablets with touch and pen for easy use which make you think whether they were specially made for your children. Anyways, if you want to buy a mouse, go for the small mouse which will fit into the hands of your children. Not only there are small mouse, but also they come with attractive designs and colors which will attract any kid to use them. When you think about the keyboards, don’t worry there are special keyboards made for children. These keyboards have large labels, beautiful designs and lesser number of keys.

Buying a kids computer doesn’t stop with this, you also make sure to get a comfortable chair and table for them to operate on. The screen level should be in co-ordination with your children eye level, and easy to operate with their elbow on the table. This will avoid any neck pain and eye pain for them. You also keep a cover for the keyboard for safe use. This will avoid any dropping of food or water and spoiling the keyboard.
The next important thing is to have parental control in the kids computer. Although you will always teach them how to go around things, they don’t like much teaching from you where their mini netbook and mini laptop is concerned. They would like to explore the computer on their own and learn from their mistakes. In such a case it is necessary to have parental locks in the computer.