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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Android computer- the various advantages

An android computer is the best invention in the market today. Tablets, notebooks and netbooks are slowly replacing the more bulk computers like desktops and large laptops because of their portability and ease of operation. Previously, computers that were large enough to fill up an entire room now fit into the palm of your hand. These computers are incredible and what makes them even more incredible is the software that they run on. 

An android computer can be used for a multitude of purposes. The biggest feature of any android tablet or notebook is Internet access. You will have unlimited access to the Internet and because of superior technology, there is nowhere where you will not be able to find a connection. With an android computer, you need never worry about losing your Internet connection again. 

Android makes streaming videos and watching movies much easier. Gone are the days when you had to wait for an hour to stream a 30 minute video and then watch it. Today, with android you can stream and watch videos simultaneously. Android has made life even simpler by enabling users to download apps of various video websites like youtube and netflix, for easy viewing and download options. 

Gaming is also much more fun on an android computer. Your computer will come fixed with game apps like temple run, angry birds and the like so you need never get bored while waiting in a line or riding on the subway. Video chatting, conference calls, taking photographs and editing videos are very easy on an android tablet. Listening to music is a great experience as is recording videos or music. With android, work is also much easier. You get free apps like Google docs or thinkfree office, which are substitutes to Microsoft office. However, you can also download Microsoft office for free later on.

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