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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Android netbook- great power in a small package!

Netbooks are the smaller, slimmer and less expensive versions of laptops and can be used for various computing needs like presentations, checking mails, surfing the net, processing documents and checking spread sheets. They are equally great for students and teachers in schools and colleges. In today’s times, no savvy businessman whether big or small is without a netbook computer and an android netbook is fast becoming a popular choice.
People who are constantly on the go find netbooks immensely useful as a means of linking back to office or home. Netbooks, by virtue of being lightweight and slim are easy to lug around than the conventional laptops. Most people enjoy using netbooks because of its several excellent features. Reasonable prices, extended battery life, light weight and very easy portability are only some of them. You can listen to music, watch videos, play games, browse the net, create office documents or make any changes to them and even read eBooks on these netbooks.
Although a netbook computer is small in size, it has more than enough power to do all these computing tasks efficiently. It has a good battery life and extra space can be created by opting for an external HDD or Hard Disk Drive. Netbooks have many operating systems like Windows XP and the latest is the android OS which has some distinct advantages. This mini computer has software which has been pre-installed to meet the basic requirements of the user. The android netbook has an efficient operating system which ensures good performance and it looks trendy and smart. It has atom processors in place of chipset because they are energy saving.
The screen size ranges from 7 inches to 11 inches and it also comes equipped with touch functions. The storage capacity is extendable and provides more than adequate storage for average use. It also has Bluetooth and WiFi, USB ports and Ethernet ports. A keypad enables you to get your work done faster. The document editors, MP3 or MP4 players, movie player, email, browser all come pre-installed.
The most attractive feature of netbooks is the price of these mini computers and this tilts the scales in its favour immensely. The price of netbooks is very affordable as even the high-end netbooks cost less than a low-end laptop. Add to this, the sleek design, petite size and power-packed performance and it’s no wonder that netbooks have become the favourites for the majority overriding even laptops in the popularity stakes.

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