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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Android technology & Where Its Going

Nobody ever imagined how quickly the Android computer has takeover the market–not even Andy Rubin, the Silicon Valley engineer who created it. Five years ago Rubin was leading a startup that had just been acquired by Google and was trying to develop software that could power a smart phone. Two years ago the first Android phone hit the market. Android computer has fully takeover the market by its sparkling features and sharp edges of technological advancement.

Android has also transformed Google and its longtime ally Apple into fierce rivals. Until recently, Apple seemed destined to rule the mobile Internet, due to the popularity of the iPhone, which was introduced in 2007 and quickly began grabbing market share. In September Apple CEO Steve Jobs got a little hot under the collar of his mock turtleneck and told reporters he didn’t believe Google’s sales figures. He claimed that if you added together sales of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Apple is “ahead of everybody.” But by 2014 Android will have 25 percent market share in smart phones, more than double Apple’s 11 percent share, according to high-tech researcher IDC. And the first Android-based tablets will begin to ship later this year. The best seller of Android computer and Android netbook is the which can be considered as the most cheapest medium for this product to buy as online shopping is concerned.  

The most common Android tablet , and its features are..

Android2.2, Built in WiFi - Surf the Web, Check emails, You Tube, Facebook, Play Angry Birds and many others Slim and Light Weight Yellow 7 inch Android 2.2 Tablet PC, FLASH 10.1, WiFi and external 3G,7" digital panel, 800*480 pixels Powered by VIA 8650 800MHz, Battery 1800mAh,Touch Screen and Built-in 1.3MP Camera ,256mb Ram, 4GB HD (Extendable up to 16GB)This WOLVOL 7-inch Android Tablet gives you all the benefits of travel internet access. It is Slim and Light Weighted, Built-in Camera and Touch Screen function. Click on the Turn On Button for 4 seconds and it will turn you into a new android world. This fantastic product allows you to: Browse the Internet - WiFi, 3G, Ethernet. Download and listen to music. Watch YouTube Access to facebook, twitter and other social networking website play GAMES includes on-line games (support Flash 10.1) Manage your business. 

Without much delay just login to the and enjoy the world of technology.

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