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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Have You Switched To A Mini Computer Yet?

When you buy one of the latest gadgets, size does matter. But the key is in gadget terms the smaller the cooler.  So why go for a bulky home PC, when you can just buy a computer that can fit in a briefcase. The new age computer knows as mini computer is sweeping the technological world by a storm. If you haven’t already heard about it, it’s just a miniature version of your average high end PC. The same performance, but it’s easier to carry around than your bulky PC, Mini Computer- Less Space - All the Performance! We are the Small Form Factor PC Specialists. What’s more it supports android 2.2, so it’s also an android computer. With two great speaks on either side of the screen, 3 usb ports, 2 Jacks MIC in and headphones out it gives the wholesome computer experience. We are the Mini Computer Experts. Mini Computers are enjoying a surge in popularity as a result of their versatility of placement and use. If you’re in the market for a Mini PC you should check out  

 We put the mini in Mini Computers. Fitting in the palm of your hand, these Micro Computers may be small computers but perform like larger conventional PCs. They are ultra slim, small form factor PCs that resemble a book. Some of them also incorporate all the components of desktop computers into stylish Cubes, are all-in-one desktop computers that are no bigger than an LCD monitor. The Book PC is your source for the smallest computers available. Imagine yourself literally carrying all the work you saved in your PC, with you at all times and being able to access them at the press of a few buttons. Or you might just want to browse the internet with the wifi, or the external 3g and download movies, browse through youtube.  You may even want to play games while in the park, so you might be able to play computer games  outdoors. Or just use thousands of free applications from the google android.

Enthusiasts of embedded computing seem to be spoiled for choices nowadays, with the android computers the need for a smart phone just vanishes; you can have all the functions of an ordinary computer which support android. So they can add any number of apps to their computer. And with so many new apps emerging everyday, it never ceases to be fun. Currently there is an app which allows the user to text from their computers. Talk about a multipurpose gadget. And the1.3 mega pixel camera built into the computer might just be the cherry on top of the icing.

For Small Computer Accessories, we’re your one stop shop. Check out our inventory and find the Mini PC or Mini Computer that’s perfect for you at

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